Wow, those avocado pits are amazing!Ill avocado.png
But how do you germinate them?

Is it hard? Nope
Need a lot of patience? Yes!

You see them gorgeous avocado pit shine on Instragram and in magazines, all the while you are messing around with wooden skewers and water containers with seemingly no results. BUT keep at it! Because you know: once you have germinated the avocado pit, then you too can enjoy and show off your stunning pit with its beautiful roots and stalk with its little or bigger leaves!
You could subsequently plant your avocado pit to grow your own avocado tree. However, it takes between 5 to 7 years before the tree will carry any fruits and the tree cannot handle cold, so you will need a large indoor area or live in a tropical country.
I personally germinate the pits for their beauty. On water, you can enjoy them for months, even for over a year. One is beautiful, but a “bunch” of them is spectacular!


  • a ripe avocado
  • kitchen roll or toilet paper
  • plastic container or bag
  • patience….

How to

I use the Deno method. Once upon a time a Mr Norman Deno invented this method.
Remove the pit from a ripe avocado and rinse it clean. Wrap the pit in the kitchen roll or toilet paper and wet this paper. Not dripping wet, but a moist package. Place this package in a plastic container or bag. Close off well.
Store this container or bag at room temperature, not in direct sunlight or on any heaters.
Now the waiting begins…
Six weeks……eight weeks… or maybe within only three weeks!
It will take a while. Check if the pit is still somewhat fresh every few weeks and make sure the paper wrap is still moist enough and of course check if there are any signs of germination yet! Sometimes I replace the paper and rinse the bag/container clean.

and then?

Your pit will slowly burst open and eventually a little root will appear (if all goes to plan). When the root is long enough – at least one centimeter from its base on the pit – you can place the pit on water. Make sure the pit is dry but that the root is in the water. You can use a germination dish or a vase with a thin neck. You can also insert wooden skewers in the pit and place it on a jar with the root in the water. I personally don’t think this is the most aesthetic or pretty solution, but it does work. Now you can see your avocado grow more and more each day. First the root and then the stalk.

Bonus tips

  • Germinating avocado pits is addictive! While you’re at it, germinate a few more!:)
  • With this same method you can germinate mango pits and acorns as well. The acorns need to be kept in the fridge because they need a “winter” first.




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