Does the PlantButton stick to any wall?
The industrial patch is made of pure foamed acrylate with a very strong adhesive strength. The PlantButton will stick well on practically any wall surface – including in damp areas such as the bathroom. It can also fill up small uneven patches. This kind of patch is also used for wall hooks, for example. Please note, the PlantButton patch sticks less well on walls with a silicone layer. Certain paints can contain silicones.

Which plants can I button up with the PlantButton?
PlantButtons are perfect to tie up 'hanging plants' that may very well prefer to climb :) Such as the Epipremnum, Scindapsus, Philondendron, Parthenocissus…. let your creativity go wild!
Not only climbing and hanging plants, but also other plants that can use some support can be tied and supported with the PlantButton. The other day I tied up my Monstera plant that is growing nice and large and was in need of some support.

Is it harmful for my plants using PlantButtons?
Most plants actually like a bit of support! So no, binding your plant will not harm your plants, but there are undoubtedly plants out there that may not like it, so keep a close eye on your plant when you are going to experiment with this.
Do you have a sizeable hanging plant that you would like to button up now? Then keep in mind that your plant will need time to adjust to its new positioning, as the moisture flow in the hanging plant will now have to go UP instead of down! This will need some getting used to initially and your plant may look a little pallid and limp to begin with, but this will rectify itself with a bit of time. Spraying some filtered water on it will certainly help.
The copper wire I use for my PlantButtons is lacquered, so your plant will not come in direct contact with the metal.

How do I stick my PlantButton on the wall?
To make sure that the PlantButton is stuck on as firm as possible, you need to make sure the surface is clean and grease free. Choose your location and remove the little tab on the back of the button. Press your PlantButton down firmly in the desired spot and press down firmly. The patch has an immediate strong adhesion force but reaches its maximum final adhesion power after a few hours on the wall. Warmth and an even pressure on the patch will accelerate this. Therefore, the patch will reach its optimum adhesion strength faster in a warm house and with longer pressure on it when being
stuck on the wall.

How do I tie my plants to the PlanButton?
It is important that the stem or twig of the plant is pressed against the PlantButton and that it is tied in the middle of the button. Don’t let your stem or twig dangle somewhere under or next to the PlantButton. Otherwise, the sideways force of the twig can cause the patch to ‘roll off’ the wall and the PlantButton to let go.

Can I remove the PlantButton patch?
In most cases, yes. It depends on the surface it has been stuck to. On smooth and hard
surfaces it will come off easily. More porous walls such as plaster walls will require more caution when removing. By removing the button from the patch first and then carefully ‘rolling’ the patch off the wall in a delicate manner, you will most likely create no damage to the wall when removing it.

Can I reuse the PlantButton?
Yes! The button itself is very hard to destroy. In most cases you need to replace the patch. You can use the extra ones you get with your order.

Can I stick the PlantButton on the ceiling?
Absolutely! Because gravity will be pulling maximally on your PlantButton and your plant when it is stuck to the ceiling, I highly recommend taking extra time for sticking your PlantButton. After placing it on the ceiling you wait a few hours for it to reach its maximum adhesive strength, then you can tie your plant to it.

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